Testathon with Spotify and iZettle

In January I wrote a post about the first official testathon that took place in London. The testing event for testers was really a success and therefore another testathon will take place.testathon_logo_plain_white-300x105

Next week (Saturday 5th July 2014), there will be the next testathon in Stockholm (Sweden) at the headquarter of Spotify.
This time the app from Spotify and iZettle will be tested. Find more information at the testathon page.

Again, there will be lots of fun and cool prices for the winning testers.

Check out the video from the last testathon and some more impressions within the pictures. Continue reading

Speaker @ Mobile App Europe Conference

Maybe, you already heard about the Mobile App Europe conference, which will take place in September 2014 in Potsdam/ Germany.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the chance to be one of the program chairs to build up the program for this conference. Building up the program was lots of work but it was a great experience to look behind the scenes and it was fun to work with the other program chairs. I am very proud of the program and I am really looking forward to the conference this year.
Speaker @ Mobile App EuropeBesides that, I am also a speaker at the conference and due to that, I can offer you an additional 10% discount on the ticket price. If you are fast enough, you can combine the 10% together with the current early bird (until end of June, 2014) and you will save up to 400€ on the ticket price. Continue reading

Short Summary about the Software Testing World Cup 2014 – Europe Competition

Yesterday (13. June 2014), the preliminary software testing world cup competition took place for Europe. To summarize it in one sentence, “It was awesome and a good experience for software testers“.

The software that should be tested was http://stwc.salestool-demo.appspot.com/. We had the goal to test this application on as many as possible mobile devices with different screen sizes for usability, functionality and design. Out of scope during the session was load and performance testing. Also security testing had a low priority.

I was part of a distributed team within Europe, one guy was sitting in Barcelona, one in Hamburg, one in Düsseldorf and in Wiesbaden. We organized us via Google Docs and a Google Hangout session during the competition. One person (me), was listening to the live youtube channel, where the judges were answering questions from the teams and to inform my team with important information. Each of us had a special test task, where to focus on. We focused on the usability, functionality, design and some security testing.

We tested the application on iPads (mini), iPhones and on different Android devices.

Test Setup

In total we filed 38 bugs in the provided defect management tool. 15 of the filed bugs where critical ones. As an example, we where able to access sensitive data of snapshots and account settings from one of my team member. Other than that, there where lots of cross site scripting problems in the application.
9 of the filed bugs had a high priority, e.g. it was very easy to create internal server errors on the application backend by entering special characters to the input fields. 11 bugs had the severity medium and 3 low.  Continue reading

Extra Time to Test your Mobile App in the Cloud from TestObject

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a guest blog post at the testobject.com blog about Robotium Recorder. My post is more like a tutorial on how to install and use the Recorder in order to setup a nAndroid test environment.

The guys from TestObject liked my post and therefore they offered me some free giveaways for my readers.

The giveaway is basically a 30 minute extra time frame to test your Android app on real devices in the TestObject cloud based device lab.

The voucher for the extra 30 minutes is: AdventuresinQA

You can redeem the voucher in your account settings.

To get an impression of the testobject reports and features check the following images:
testobject quality reportRobotium App Testing TestObject

First come, first serve!

Happy testing!

The Testing Map

LThe Testing Mapast week I found a nice interactive testing mind map called: http://thetestingmap.org/. The mind includes testing topics like:

  • Methodology
  • Usage of Methodology
  • Process
  • Tools
  • Support Activities
  • Principles
  • Soft Skills
  • Social
  • Technology

Currently the mind map is in progress. As you can see on the map, there are lots of ‘in progress’ and ‘help wanted’ signs.

I really like the idea of this interactive mind map. If you want to help the team building up a nice testing mind map get in contact with them via mail: contact@thetestingmap.org.

In the following video you can see how to use the map (its quite simple, just press down your mouse and drag the map or use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out).


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The State of Mobile Software Quality 2014

The company keynote surveyed nearly 2000 mobile professionals to get a better overview of the mobile testing world.

The main topics in the survey are:

  • How the organizations are structured for the mobile business?
  • What are the biggest challenges?
  • What kind of tools are they using to assure a high quality?

See the results in the following infographic. To get the full report you have to sign up on the following page.

Brought to you by Keynote Systems

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Mobile App Europe Program is Online

Today, the program of the Mobile App Europe Conference was published. The conference will take place from 29th September till 1st October.

Have a look at the program, it is really awesome. There are so many interesting talks about mobile development, testing, design and marketing. Besides the talks, there are some really interesting keynotes with great speakers from cool companies.

I am really looking forward to the mobile security talks, the keynotes and the workshops :). Can’t wait to be at the conference. If you have a look at the first day of the conference, you will find my talk about “Best Practices in Mobile Testing“.

Looking forward to meet you at the conference! The registration is open, don’t miss the early bird.

Program link: http://www.mobileappeurope.com/schedule/

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